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Who am I

I am a traveller on the road of life.

I am a collector of the gems of wisdom and knowledge.

I am a dancer to the rhythm of the heartbeat.

I am listener. I am challenger.

I am a herald of change.

I am also a psychologist, therapist, electrical engineer, mother of three, Bowen therapist, lightworker, Chakradance facilitator, reiki practitioner…. In writing about myself I could not decide whether to start with my education, credentials, experience,mission statement…. But I came to the conclusion that none of these were true representations of who I am and what I have to offer. Am I defined by my formal education, my training and workshops, certificates or affiliation with various societies? Is that what the client wants to know about me? Or do they want to discover who the person behind the cover photo on the homepage is and whether they would feel safe sharing their dreams, hopes, fears and pain with her? My credentials are at the bottom of the page, but my story lies somewhere between these lines.


I was born to Croatian parents in a multicultural community that was later torn apart by war. The same war tore apart my dreams, relationships, hopes for the future, my ambitions, my feeling of self. I got disconnected from who I was, and my search for my true essence led me down the road of study and exploration that has resulted in a vast collection of knowledge and experience that I am now sharing with you.


I do not believe in classifications, diagnostics and labeling. I believe that the unique experience of each individual is equally worthwhile and valuable. I believe each person has abundant resources for development, growth and achievement of his or her unique identities. In my practice I will not sit silently and nod as you tell your story. I will challenge you. I will urge you to take responsibility for your life. I will provoke you. I will make you wonder and I will make you laugh. I will be with you while visiting those deep and dark places of pain. I will not solve your problems for you, but I will help you uncover your potential to solve them yourself. I am inviting you to join the process in which you can grow as a human being and assume the power and responsibility for your own life and the future.


Tell me about your relationships, about your dreams, about your aims and goals, about your pains and worries, about your fears… Then we will together create an individualized treatment plan based on your personal expectations, situation and needs.

University degrees                            

MSc Psychology and Neuroscience of Mental Health

BSc (Honors) in Psychology                                  

BSc in Electronic Engineering  

Professional affiliations


I am a registered therapist at the Register Beroepsbeoefenaren Complementaire Zorg (RBCZ), a registered member of the Algemene Beroepsvereniging van Counseling (Registercounsellor ABvC®) and the British Psychological Society (BPS).

- VAT Number: NL002445984B76


- Chamber of Commerce (KvK) Registration Number: 000032266359


Schema therapist - in training (ongoing)

Eye Movement Desensitization and Reprocessing - Certified Practitioner (2019)

Specialist Counselor and Coach - Personal Growth and Development (2018)

Integrative Systemic Coaching therapist (2003)

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