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Confident Me

YOU want to show your true colours and shine in your uniqueness, yet are too shy to shine. YOU feel insecure, inadequate and frustrated. YOU feel very uncomfortable around new people and in the crowd.


Authentic Self

YOU feel like a shiny apple with a worm inside. Your outward image is immaculate, yet the inner critic is always there to remind you that you are not up to the task and could have done better. It never stops.


Good Enough at Last

YOU expect a lot from yourself and everything around you. YOU are constantly driven to outperform others. You worry extensively about what future holds and whether you will live up to the expectations. You want to feel good enough.

Confident Me

To be yourself in a world that is constantly trying to make you something else is the greatest accomplishment.

                                                                                                                                      Waldo Emerson

You do everything not to get noticed. Dressing in plane and inconspicuous clothes, acting quietly and passively not to draw attention. Even when you have a valuable contribution to make - you remain silent. You are really shy around people you have never met before, especially in crowds.

You don't think very highly of yourself and constantly put yourself down. Your head is full of: I can't, I shouldn't, I am not. You regret most things that you do. You are constantly doubting yourself and your abilities, questioning everything you do in your personal and professional life.

You live in the shadows of others, following the crowd, whether you believe in their actions or not. You don’t feel worthy enough to stand up with an opinion that opposes the opinion of others. You feel like you are not as good as everyone else, and that others are more deserving of good things than you.

You feel unlovable, awkward, and incompetent. Life seems hard and pointless. You wish someone would notice the potential you have inside, but whenever given a chance you withdraw quickly.

You think that you are not liked by many people, or that you annoy everyone around you. You fear that nobody cares about what you have to say.

You feel insecure, inadequate and frustrated.

You take critical comments from others very personally, regardless of how minor the comments are. Even the slightest mistakes feel like massive failures and moments of success are covered by self doubt and pessimism. Your sense of self is defined by what you think others think of you or believe is true.

Every time you look at other people, you get a reminder of how worthless you feel. Everyone else is smarter, better organized, happier, has more friends, and is generally superior to you. You want to be like them but instead feel lonely and isolated. Every day is a constant struggle.

You are ready for a change.

If you choose to engage in the transformation sessions with Grow Wings you will:

  • Change your internal dialogue and Challenge your negative self-beliefs

  • Build confidence and learn to like and value yourself

  • Move past mistakes without blaming yourself unfairly

  • Shine in your uniqueness

  • Believe in yourself and learn to be your own source of confidence

  • Become your most alive, passionate, and fulfilled self

  • Craft an authentic life that express who you really are

I Love Me

Authentic Self

Confidence is not 'they will like me'. Confidence instead is 'I'll be fine if they don't'.                                                                                                                                                           Christina Grimmie

You worked hard to achieve everything you were told would lead to a fulfilled and happy life. Your outward image is immaculate: perfect body, spouse, kids and a perfect career.

And yet, you are actually unable to enjoy any of it.

The inner critic is always there to remind you of your incompetency and how you could have done it better. It’s constantly talking down on you, undermining your achievements and everything you have ever accomplished. It insults you, questions you and puts you down at every chance it gets.

Like a worm inside a shiny apple, you feel small, insecure and undeserving.

You had to suppress large parts of yourself in order to follow the path you believed will lead to success. The life you build on social media looks amazing, but in reality, you are sad, overwhelmed and lonely.

Despite all the achievements you feel like a fraud always afraid that everyone else will find out about it. You struggle with feelings of inadequacy, constantly seeking external validation to define your self-worth. What else can you do to prove yourself?

It’s difficult for you to accept a compliment or a well-deserved praise. You are over analyzing everything that has been said and question whether they really meant it and if you actually deserve it. Deep down you feel you don’t. Nothing you amount to is sufficient. Nothing is fulfilling anymore. Nothing is good enough and you are losing your motivation.

Keeping up the appearance leaves you drained and exhausted. You are ready to change.

If you choose to engage in the transformation sessions with Grow Wings you will:

  • Quiet the critical voice inside your head and end your inner war

  • Stop over-analyzing and feeling frustrated and overwhelmed

  • Step out of judgment and criticism of others

  • Give yourself a well-deserved break

  • Experience more ease in your life

  • Live an authentic life in alignment with your values.

  • Be more accepting and compassionate with yourself

  • Become the best and greatest version of yourself

Authentic Self

Good Enough at Last

I love my life. I am powerful, I am beautiful, I am free.
I love my life. I am wonderful, I am magical, I am me.         
Robbie Williams

You do your best at everything. You are the super hero of productivity and achievement. You love it when life is organized and orderly. You take pride in your high standards and attention to detail. You expect a lot from yourself and everyone around you. You make your worth contingent on meeting these standards.

However, no matter how hard you work or what you accomplish, you remain convinced that you don't deserve your success, you can do better than this and should do more. It is never good enough.

You are exhausted, feel inadequate, losing your drive. Life is not fulfilling, and you feel like you are living a lie.

There is abundant proof of your hard-won accomplishments, yet it's difficult to accept a compliment even when you deserve it. You beat yourself up over details that you have missed or could have done better. You have hard time dealing with criticism.

You constantly put too much on your plate, overbook yourself and never ask for help. You are constantly driven to outperform others. You constantly worry about what the future holds and whether you will be able to live up to the expectations.

Even though you need help you can’t trust others enough to delegate. You are stressed out, overwhelmed and feel underappreciated. You have difficulty loving and accepting yourself. Life seems hollow, unfulfilling, and you feel like you are living a lie.

You have enough of not feeling enough.

If you choose to engage in the transformation sessions with Grow wings you will:

  • Break out of this old self-made prison and let go of perfectionism and comparison

  • Embrace your imperfections and learn how to deal with criticism

  • Regain your power and acknowledge your own greatness

  • Learn the difference between perfectionism and healthy striving for excellence

  • Learn to be more relaxed, balanced and peaceful

  • Shine in your uniqueness and feel a deep sense of personal fulfillment

Good Enough
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