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If more of the same is no longer an option

you are at the right place!

You are a high-achieving professional


You seek an authentic and fulfilling life. 

You took all the right life turns, but ended up at the wrong destination.

Life is not what you intended it to be.

You have all the preconditions to be happy, instead you are exhausted, anxious, lonely, overwhelmed.

On the outside it looks like you have it all, yet insides you feel incapable, fake, insecure and wounded.

You try harder, achieve more, just to make sure everyone is happy and likes you!

The façade you put up is amazing, but within your walls you feel empty, sad, angry and unhappy.

You secretly wander if something is wrong with you.

If more of the same is no longer an option you are at the right place!

What would you like to do first?

Why Grow Wings

  • Let go of past relationship baggage

  • Overcome heartbreak

  • Identify and remove obstacles to healthy relationships

  • Re-set your mind to allow yourself the kind of relationship you long for

  • Create happier, more confident self who accepts you as you truly are.

  • Become the authentic self who will attract likewise partner!


  • Experience relief from anxiety

  • Overcome procrastination

  • Feel more relaxed, balanced and peaceful

  • Slow down and reconnect with yourself

  • Stop feeling frustrated and overwhelmed

  • Become more accepting and compassionate towards yourself


  • Quiet the critical voice in your head

  • Recover your motivation

  • Let go of perfectionism and comparison with everyone else

  • Cultivate your authentic self and live with passion and purpose

  • Set healthy boundaries and stop people pleasing

  • Cultivate self-love and self-compassion


  • Discover what is holding you back

  • Transform into the best version of yourself

  • Unlock your unique value and strength

  • Find the purpose, creativity and balance into your life.

  • Build and strengthen your life vision and manifest all your dreams.

  • Become your most alive, passionate, and fulfilled self

Ways to Grow

Are you living your life doings things you don’t really want to do, and neglecting things that are truly important to you?

Do you fill obligated to fulfill spoken or unspoken obligations to family or society?

Have you betrayed who you are in order to keep peace and have security?

Do you wish you had more courage to do the things you wanted, instead of the things you feel you should do?

We are here for a limited time only.

Don't allow life to run past you!

Catch up on your dreams!

Meet Ivana

Meet Ivana Kontra

I am a traveller on the road of life.

I am a collector of the gems of wisdom and knowledge.

I am a dancer to the rhythm of the heartbeat.

I am listener. I am challenger.

I am a herald of change.

I am a psychologist who helps determined, motivated, responsible adults (like you) who are at a loss for what needs to change in their lives in order to feel good about themselves and life accomplishments once again.

I believe each person has abundant resources for development, growth and achievement of his or her unique identities.

Let’s work together

and make your dream life a reality.

In my practice I will not sit silently and nod as you tell your story.

I will challenge you.

I will urge you to take responsibility for your life.

I will provoke you.

I will make you wonder, and I will make you laugh.

I will be your guide while visiting those deep and dark places of pain.

I will not solve your problems for you, but I will help you uncover the potential to solve them yourself.



Decision to ask for your help has been the best thing I have done for myself in my lifetime. Looking back at my life I do not know how could I live the way I used to. I feel so good to live an authentic and free, to be able to express what I think and feel, to go after what I truly want and not do things to please other.

Now I am thinking about me and I am including myself in my plans and dreams. It feels really nice to think about what do I really like and consider how I feel about things when they happen.

I feel free to take decisions. I am confident like never before to stand up for what I want and go after that.

— MB, Italy

Your Growth Starts Here

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Contact Info


+ 31 6 54 61 65 01

Sweelinckplein 1, 2517 GK The Hague

Van Boetzelaerlaan 61, 2581AC The Hague


Grow Wings is a practice based in The Hague that offers psychological counseling and therapy in English, Croatian or French for adults and young people. It offers a unique blend of scientific and traditional, cognitive and holistic approaches.


The focus is on your goals and the future you.


My goal is to help you create the reality and the life you want for yourself through healing past traumas, improving new and old relationships and enhancing your self-image. The secret is to remove the layers of conditioning, unbinding the negative experiences of the past and releasing the traumas from minds and bodies. 

Couple counseling

Our office can be reached with the following public transport options:
Tram 16 (Groot Hertoginnelaan)/ Tram 3 (Van Speijkstraat) / Tram 11 (Laan van Meerdervoort) /Tram 1 (Vredespaleis)
Bus 24 (Banstraat)/ Bus 21 (Valeriusstraat)/ Bus 28 (Vredespaleis)

Street paid parking is available.

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